Construction Law

Harris and McCracken have significant experience representing Owners in the negotiation, drafting and resolution of construction agreements.

Harris and McCracken have worked with the AIA form agreements (GC, subcontractor, architect, etc), as well as creating modified forms unique to each Owner's management requirements. Harris and McCracken have negotiated numerous national major construction contracts and created standard form construction (large and small project size), architect and interior design contracts for a major west coast boutique hotel company.

As CEO and GC at Shilo Management Corp., Harris negotiated all agreements related to the construction of a 160 room hotel and restaurant in Killeen, TX. Harris then managed all aspects of the project from ground-breaking to ribbon cutting.

McCracken has extensive experience in the management of construction disputes, including arbitration and mediation of claims in excess of seven million dollars.

Harris has also negotiated construction financing agreements, and worked with lenders and Owners to ensure pay-apps are timely and properly prepared, processed and paid.